Organic Potting Soil Blend


Non-peat organic potting soil blend with compost and worm castingsOrganic Mechanics Premium Blend Potting Soil

This high moisture-retentive organic potting soil blend is perfect for small containers, window boxes, or any plant that needs moist soil. It is full of compost and worm castings to give your plants the nutrition they need. With this premium blend potting soil, you’ll be able to harvest twice as much! Research trials show tomatoes grew twice as large, with twice as many fruits when grown in Premium Blend, compared to the competition.

Besides helping to produce a healthy bounty, you will also only need to water half as often compared to peat-based mixes. Who loves saving time? We do! Lastly, the blend is 100% organic and is OMRI listed as well as being Rodale Institute approved.

Each bag contains 16 quarts of potting soil. Try adding organic rice hulls to the soil as a perlite substitute, fungus gnat deterrent, or for weed control.


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