Organic Wheat Grass


Freshly trimmed, cut organic wheatgrass all ready to juice or chew. The health benefits of wheatgrass are plenty and range from cleansing the body, providing deep nutrition, and even topical wound healing. The Sproutman wheatgrass is clean, certified USDA organic, and really fresh. If you’re going to bother to juice grass at all, doesn’t it make sense to get the best?

organic precut wheatgrass

Juice It

Juice your grass in a gadget made for the job to extract all the goodness from each blade. A few ounces will give you a burst and you’ll surely feel the impact. In fact, you will want to preorder an entire case (quantity 4) of the precut organic wheatgrass all ready for daily use. Drink it straight or blend it in with your other juices as it complements carrot, apple, or parsley juices very well.

Alternatively, you could preorder an entire flat of uncut organic wheat growing and ready for harvest. Just get out your scissors… or a mini lawnmower! Watch it grow with the kids and harvest some more. Our Produce Department is ready to special order what you want so your juicing will be easier than ever.



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4 oz