Organic Worm Castings



worm castingsNature’s perfect organic nutrient source is worm castings. Now you can shop for organic worm castings from the local folks at Organic Mechanics. Your garden soil will be nourished and enriched for a natural bountiful harvest.


Add beneficial biology to your garden! Great for vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

Here’s Why –

  • Creates wonderful soil structure
  • Earthworm castings contain help maintain beneficial microbial levels (compared to surrounding soil)
  • Waterless! Worm Castings help hold moisture in the root zone
  • Rejuvenate houseplants! Add ¼ cup per gallon pot to soil surface
  • Give new plants a head start! Mix ¼ cup into soil planting hole for each plant
  • Can also apply as “tea” when watering.




Achieve the garden of your dreams organically this year. Feed and tend your soil microbes with natural worm castings soil amendment.


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Rejuvenates soil; contains 100% pure worm castings.






1 lb Bag