Owl in a Towel Hand Cream


Hand cream without silicones, petrochemicals, and phthalates

Owl in a Towel Bergamot Hand Cream

Coming out of cold weather… and with a lot of handwashing… our hands need nourishment. Do it naturally with a hand cream that has ingredients all derived from nature. You’ll find no synthetic additives in this formula. No silicones. No petrochemicals. And, no phthalates. It’s just fast-absorbing, pure, moisture.

Add all of that with the beauty of bergamot and it’s a match made in heaven. This uplifting, aromatic citrus scent will make your senses come alive. Another great thing about this citrus-infused cream is it does not contain bergaptene. This compound is in most other citrus skincare products but can increase skin’s sensitivity to the sun. Owl in a Towel hand cream is more than safe for outdoor use.

Hoo likes soft hands? We do! Pop this conveniently-sized 2.2-ounce tube into your purse or backpack for on-the-go soothing. Give the balsam fir scent a try as well.

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