Pages of Life for Your Veggies: FreshPaper


logo for freshpaper productPreserve your kitchen produce longer with organic pages right out of a natural girl’s inventive brainstorm. You don’t need wax or chemicals covering your pure veggies to keep them fresh: use slips of paper made out of organic spices.


FreshPaper sheets are designed to be dropped into any existing salad bag, fridge drawer or fruit bowl filled with produce – a simple, intuitive design that can be used by anyone, in any part of the world. They’re natural produce saver sheets infused with organic spices that keep fruits & veggies fresh for up to 2-4x longer. That’s 2-4 times longer! This is the “resveratrol” of your kitchen to preserve the life of your veggies longer. Save money, eat more appetizing food.


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sheets of freshpaper for produce

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