PEAKFresh USA Produce Bags

PEAKFresh USA Produce Bags

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How would you like to save money on all your produce? You can by keeping them fresher longer with PEAKfresh reusable produce bags.


PEAKfresh is a low-density polyethylene film impregnated with a natural occurring mineral that significantly increases gas permeability, allowing ethylene and other damaging gases to be removed. The anti-fogging properties of PEAKfresh film reduces moisture formation to inhibit bacterial growth.


PEAKfresh’s intelligent film is designed to extend the shelf life of produce and fresh flowers. When used with refrigeration at correct temperature levels, PEAKfresh will extend the life and freshness of your products.

Can PEAKfresh be used with organic produce?

Yes, you can use PEAKfresh bags with your precious, organically-grown, fresh produce!

PEAKfresh products are certified by OMRI code: pfp-2278. This listing indicates that PEAKfresh products comply with the OMRI Policy and Standards Manual, which is based on the requirements of the USDA National Organic Program Rule (7 CFR Part 205).


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10 bags per box