Pine Needle Tea


wild raw pine needle teaThis is where the wild things are! Fresh and wild raw pine needle tea makes a nutritional and historically medicinal beverage. Only handpicked conifer needles from carefully chosen northern white and red pine trees are ever used. Brew up a fresh infusion to support your immune system and cleansing mechanisms in the body.

Historically, Native American and Canadian Indians have benefited from aromatic, raw pine needles. This was true to such an extent that they referred to the conifer as the “tree of life”. Even Jacques Cartier, the French explorer, documented the use of potent pine needle tea as a fix for rampant scurvy on board the ship. Over the years folks learned to use it as a cleansing detoxification beverage.

Purely Wild Raw Pine Needle Tea

Your wild pine tea needles naturally contain shikimic acid and other terpenes. This contributes to its immune-supportive properties. Moreover, pine needle tea is a rich source of vitamin C. No wonder it was found so healthful in past centuries.

Not sure how to use the needles in your cup?

        1. First, boil some water.
        2. Add the pine needles to the hot water in your cup or in a pot.
        3. Steep for at least 5 minutes. Do not boil it. You might put a loosely fitting lid on it.
        4. Add sweetener and serve or drink as is. Strain if necessary.

Don’t wait until Christmas to bring the smells, taste and nourishment of pine needles into your home and your mug!



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