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gemstone and lava rock aromatherapy bracelets

New aromatherapy bracelets combine colorful natural semi-precious gemstones with lava rock beads. Each specific gemstone has properties that make them distinctive. Green agate may inspire balance, peacefulness, and calm. While rainbow quartz may promote inner strength and positive energy.

On the other hand, the cooling of molten rock is what gives each lava rock its beautiful texture. It is also what makes lava rocks so lightweight and porous. Thus making them the perfect vehicle to carry your favorite essential oils with you all day long. Additionally, they can have a grounding, strengthening, and energizing effect.

Available in a variety of colors and gemstones, these aromatherapy bracelets will make excellent gifts or stocking stuffers this holiday season. To use, add a few drops of essential oil to the lava rocks. Try lavender for a calming effect, sweet orange for an energizing effect, or peppermint if you feel festive. You could even combine a few for your own special blend.

Aromatherapy bracelets are available in a variety of gemstones. Also, there are one-size stretch bracelets and pull-string adjustable bracelets for every person on your list.


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