Pro Bar – Meal on the Go


Pro Bar Meal on the GoPro Bar Meal on the Go – Original Trail Mix

Life is an adventure. Fueling our bodies properly is essential to making the most of it. Today’s busy lifestyles sometimes require we take our nutrition on the go. Pro Bar is here to do the job! Whether you are on the move all day long, out for a long hike, putting in extra time at the gym, or just need a convenient snack that fits in your pocket, this bar is for you.

For our bodies to do great things, they must take in great things. Each Pro Bar Meal Bar has whole superfoods like nuts, seeds, and fruits to nourish your body on these high-performance days. The 9 g of protein per bar will help you feel full and satisfied. What’s more, the ingredients inside are sustainably sourced, certified organic, and certified gluten free.

Start with the original trail mix bar and branch out from there with other fun flavors. Our selection includes: Original, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Banana Nut Bread, and Superfood Slam. Which one will you take on your next big adventure?

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