Probiotic CareBar®

Probiotic CareBar®

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How much do you love probiotics? Let us count the ways. You’ve enjoyed the health benefits of live probiotics in yogurt and sauerkraut. Now you can get it in a delicious probiotic snack bar! Enter: Effi Probiotic CareBars®. Over 90% of all natural probiotics in our bodies live in our small intestine, large intestine and colon. Feed your gut – feed it well.


One key to intestinal health is maintaining a balance of both helpful and harmful bacteria. In the modern era of acidic diets, antibiotic use, stress, illnesses, medications and hormonal changes can disrupt intestinal balance. Not all probiotics strains are the same. Different strains offer different benefits and some probiotic strains survive manufacturing processes, shelf life and digestive transit better than others.


Effi uses Bacillus Coagulans BC30 which is a a powerful probiotic strain. Research and clinical practice has shown strong evidence for B. coagulans’s ability to fight off invading viruses & pathogens. Bacillus coagulans typically lives in the digestive tract and has also been shown to decrease IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) abdominal pain and bloating symptoms. This probiotic is extremely hardy and can easily survive stomach acid to colonize the entire GI tract. This probiotic was first discovered around 1930.

Jasmine Green Tea & Honey Lemon Carebars

Spirulina-infused bar boasts smooth texture with crunchy moments of chia seeds and pops of juicy cranberries and raisins. Hints of zesty lemon & honey leave a perfect memory of flavor long after it’s gone. 8g protein, 7g fiber

Goji & Cashew CareBars

Contrasting textures of exotic, juicy goji berries, crunchy cashew pieces and smooth dates, lightly dusted by cinnamon, take you to places of real indulgence. 8g protein, 8g fiber

Coconut & Cacao Nibs CareBars

Hailed as a ‘healthy brownie’ this bar re-introduces traditional ingredients in a new adventurous way. A swirl of cacao powder and almond butter is warmed up by sweet notes of vanilla. Don’t you just love cacao and almond together? 8g protein, 3g fiber

Pack these healthy snack bars in your purse or desk drawer for on-the-go snackin’!

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Probiotic Snack Bars

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