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Your child age four and up will need immune system protection this fall. Perhaps they’ll go to school in person full time, part-time, or virtually. Thinking proactively, it’s a good time for a yummy, kid-friendly probiotic to maximize your child’s good health. Five billion friendly bacteria per tablet can go a long way.

Yummy Probiotic Chewables for Kids

  • 5 billion clinically studied^^ live cultures from 2 kid-friendly strains
  • Shelf-stable – no refrigeration required
  • Delivers friendly bacteria for the digestive and immune systems
  • Potency guaranteed through 24 months expiration
  • One per day serving
  • Sugar-free with teeth-friendly Xylitol

Featuring Grape Flavor Probiotic

kid chewable probiotics that are sugar free

What parent doesn’t try doing the best for their children…taking care every day to give them what they need to keep them healthy and happy. Give daily support for your children’s immune health as well as friendly bacteria for their digestive systems with a daily probiotic supplement. Probiotics provide a source of good bacteria, the wholesome kind children need to contribute to positive microflora in their bodies. Grape is good!

Probiotic Kidchewables are created with children…and parents in mind. Sugar-free and vegetarian, the natural grape or strawberry vanilla-flavored probiotic tablet tastes so good your kids will want to take them. Parents can feel good that they contain natural flavors and colors sourced from foods, with the added benefit of teeth-friendly Xylitol.

Kid-loving flavor…parent-loving probiotic support, that’s Probiotic Kidchewables. We have kids’ immune support covered. For children 4 and up, chew one tablet daily. Do not swallow whole. No refrigeration is required.

^^In one randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial of 240 children, the group taking the active formula had improved immune health compared to the placebo group.

Give your child once-daily chewable probiotics made with natural flavors and colors. No gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, fish, GMOs, peanuts, or tree nuts and completely vegetarian.


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