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rebel green fruit and veggie washIf you’re someone who sticks to a healthy diet, you’re likely consuming plenty of fresh produce. Health enthusiasts from all walks of life emphasize the benefits of including fruits and veggies in a clean, wholesome diet. Nowadays, of course, the notion of eating these two main food groups seems to be common sense. What’s not so obvious though is the importance of using a high-quality fruit and veggie wash so they’re safe to eat (yes, this even includes organic). Fortunately, Rebel Green’s Fruit and Veggie Clean has you covered.

Effective and Safe Fruit and Veggie Wash

Think about it. If you take great care when picking out your produce, don’t you want to treat it properly before you eat it? Pretty sensible, right? Giving your fresh produce a thorough cleaning with this fruit and veggie wash from Rebel Green can help remove unwanted dirt, bacteria, and other substances. It’s even proven to get rid of surface waxes and hand oils, which water alone can’t clear away.

Some consumers worry about harsh chemicals in produce cleansers. However, Rebel Green’s Fruit and Veggie Clean contains only natural, plant-derived ingredients. The combination of organic lemon and lime extract and grapefruit extract ensures an effective cleaning every time, not to mention a nice smell. What’s more, it doesn’t leave any residual taste.

A Chic and Eco-friendly Bottle

Rebel Green put some thought into their bottle design. They wanted their fruit and veggie cleaner to have what they call “counter appeal.” The chic label design allows you to sit your bottle of fruit and veggie wash right out on the kitchen counter. There’s no need to hide it away in the cabinet.

A common concern about any household product is how it impacts the environment. Fortunately, with this fruit and veggie wash from Rebel Green, you can clean your produce guilt-free. Their produce cleaner is biodegradable and cruelty-free, never being tested on animals. Not to mention, Rebel Green’s bottles are BPA-free and made from 25% recycled plastic. That deserves a green thumbs up!

So, next time you’re carefully picking out your produce, don’t forget to grab a bottle of Rebel Green Fruit and Veggie Clean.

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