Speka Cottage Cheese Bar


What do you get when you enrobe 8 grams of protein-rich cottage cheese with a blanket of sweet chocolate or caramel? Speka cottage cheese bars! Sure they look like ice cream — but they hide easily in your bag lunch or bento box in the fridge. The Vanilla Speka bar is definitely something you’ll want to write home about.

Within each snackin’ bar comes a balance of carbs, fat, and protein fueling your energy for the day. Each bar delivers 8 full grams of protein with a pure, dairy cottage cheese fill in the middle.


Consider the fun flavors:

  1. Vanilla – the Speka to try for chocolate lovers. Just a pinch of vanilla enhances the cottage cheese for a classic black and white taste experience
  2. Caramel – love the sweet buttery caramel flavor with it’s tad of salt that dresses the dairy inside
  3. Greek Yogurt – tangy Greek yogurt blended with cottage cheese stuffs the sweet, buttery chocolate robe

Each bar typically will have only 8 grams of sugar – this is half the sugar from ice cream! Just 140 calories per snack bar will let you sleep at night. Find Speka bars in all 3 flavors in our refrigerated department and the frozen section, too. The vanilla flavor is not to be missed!

Also, find the 4-pack of each flavor in-store for a family-style experience.

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