Vegan Scrapple – Pennsylvania Style


Plant-based scrapple alternativeSweet Lana’s Pennsylvania Style Vegan Scrapple

Do you eat plant-based but feel like you’re missing out on a Pennsylvania staple? No more! Try Sweet Lana’s Vegan Scrapple. Typical scrapple is made from pork (and the not-so-desirable parts we might add), but not this version. This flavorful breakfast side is made from a base of white maize polenta, Shiitake mushrooms, and whole-grain buckwheat flour. Then, all the traditional spices and herbs of scrapple are added in for that truly authentic taste.

Slice it up and pan fry until your desired level of crispy. Then pair it with your favorite meat alternative scramble for a satisfying Saturday morning. Or throw it on some bread for something different at lunchtime. Another wonderful thing about this scrapple is it’s locally made right around the corner in West Chester, PA. We love local!


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