Vör Dark Chocolate Cups


Vör begins with extremely high quality, Fair Trade certified 63% dark chocolate. Dark chocolate lovers and sweet tooth owners will swoon over these dark chocolate nut butter cups. All nut butter fillings are blended with locally produced natural honey. Get healthy ingredients with your nut butter like cocao beans, sugar (9 grams per cup), lecithin, local honey, vanilla and sea salt.

almond butter cups


And who exactly are Vör? Our nut butters are all made in our certified production facility in West Chester, Pennsylvania. This is truly a healthy snack from the local vicinity designed to please. Confidently pack these into your kid’s lunch box as each dark chocolate butter cup is entirely:


  • gluten free

  • peanut free

  • soy free


Choose from our flavors determined by the nut filling secreted away within the dark chocolate robe:

  • almond
  • hazelnut
  • cashew
  • sunflower

Such snacks as these should be reserved in your cupboard so you can indulge where no one can see!

Vor nut butter cups


Dark chocolate lovers will want these in their desk drawer at work. Yes, you can take it with you to the gym, or shopping, or to grandma’s. When you go to sleep each night you’ll dream about them. Get them now! Get them here.






1.2 oz

Does Not Contain

gluten, peanuts, soy

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