Zero Net Carb Bread


High fiber, low calorie bread with zero net carbsThinSlim Foods Zero Net Carb Sliced Bread

Traditionally, we know bread can be very high in calories and specifically, very high in carbs. However, that’s not the case with Zero Net Carb bread. Each slice is only 45 calories and has 0 g of net carbs. Hooray! Additionally, the ingredients have been carefully selected to digest more slowly, keeping you feeling fuller for longer. When people are looking to mind their waistlines or lose some weight, those with a diet high in fiber and with healthier types of carbohydrates will be more successful.

The most delicious part yet? ThinSlim Foods is so confident you’ll love the way this bread tastes, that they offer a Taste Guarantee.

Everything Inside Bagels

Why stop at bread? You can also pick up Zero Net Carb Everything Inside bagels in our freezer case. Don’t worry about making a mess either, because the everything seasoning is inside the bagel.


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14 oz