Thoughts on Mothers Day

judy simply gifts jewelry giftby Judy Oakland – Judy came to Martindale’s in 2007, after being a stay-at-home mom for several years. She fits right into the back office in the role of Operations Manager, having an administrative secretarial background.

Look for her seasonal crafts, jewelry, and faux flower creations for sale in the store’s employee artisan display called “Simply”.


As Mother’s Day approaches, I am reflecting on the whole mom scenario from diapers to play dates to prom dates!  Everyone says, “It all goes by so quickly.”  I have a different take on that.


The sweet memories, the easy times, the hugs, the kisses and handwritten and decorated cards (I could go on); all of that does go fast, really fast!  


However, not all of it flies by. For example, consider potty training. That absolutely did not go very quickly. It felt like years. No, wait – it was years!


Helping a child with math homework felt like years, too! My own frustrations with the subject didn’t help. Helping another child with homework was completely different. This one turned out to be way smarter than me! How humbling, though not surprising in light of her remarkable piano skills at age 7 which had humbled me before.


How about when you cannot for the life of you figure out how this kid got such a unique and unusual sense of humor?


Then there are the teen years, a strange, foggy, blurry cloud of mixed emotions, ups and downs, and trying to remember to breathe. Currently the mom of a teen, I can tell you, it does not go by so quickly! Would I trade any of it in? Absolutely not!  I don’t even think I would trade in the struggles; they form our children, and they re-form us as parents. Those struggles are hard though. I am told that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. The rest of that statement is missing, isn’t it?  “…makes you stronger, but temporarily battered!”


My mom would tell you that it all went by quickly; at the age of 85, she has the right to say that.  Maybe when I am 85 I will have that same perspective.  Whatever stage of motherhood you are in, or not in yet, it should all be celebrated! Caring, loving, giving, grateful, proud, concerned, lacking in sleep moms: celebrate whatever stage you or the mom in your life is in! Embrace it!


Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!



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