Challenge Inflammation with Turmeric, Black Cumin, Tart Cherry

What color is wellness? Is it the vibrant orange of turmeric roots, the black of black cumin seeds, bold red of pungent cherries, or the varied shades of green and brown for herbs? Choose your color. These bold colors scare inflammation into behaving!

If you had to pick just one dietary supplement, it could very well be curcumin. Extracted from turmeric roots and formulated for bioavailability, curcumin is known to support nearly every organ system.

Check out the benefits:

  • inhibits inflammatory factors
  • supports immune system
  • promotes heart health
  • protects cells with antioxidants


Life Extension has created 3 unique curcumin formulas:


Curcumin 400 mg – BCM-95® for Greater Absorptionsuper bio-curcumin

Life Extension® has created Super Bio-Curcumin® using an ultra-potent extract called BCM-95® Bio-Curcumin®. BCM-95® Bio-Curcumin® remains in the bloodstream almost twice as long as standard curcumin supplements.

  • 7 times more absorbable than conventional curcumin supplements
  • Whole-body health benefits for nearly every organ system
  • Inhibits inflammatory factors like NF-kappaB protein molecule
  • Promotes healthy cell division and healthy inflammatory response
  • Promotes healthy immune system function
  • Helps maintain healthy digestive function


Curcumin with Ginger & Turmerones –

If you like the original BCM95 curcumin, you’re sure to love Advanced Bio-Curcumin® formulation with the addition of ginger root! Let the power of ginger extracts and concentrated turmeric oil complement the curcumin and see the results.
curcumin with ginger & turmerones


Curcumin inhibits inflammatory factors, supports immune system function, promotes heart health, and offers potent antioxidant protection. Advanced Bio-Curcumin has turmeric oil extracts called turmerones to increase the amount of curcumin inside the cell, phospholipids to boost absorption, and standardized ginger compounds to complement the health benefits of curcumin.



Black Cumin Seed Oil with Curcumin–Inflammation and Immunity

curcumin with black cumin

Black Cumin Seed Oil features pure oil from black cumin seeds combined with turmeric extract Bio-Curcumin® for a unique blend of two powerful extracts that support a healthy inflammatory response, and boost your immune system. Organic Black cumin seed oil (Nigella sativa) together with BCM-95 curcumin addresses multiple inflammation pathways in convenient softgels. Get 500 mg of black cumin seed oil per serving along with 200 mg of BCM-95 curcumin. What a great combo!

Black Cumin Seed Oil addresses two critical concerns for aging people: reduced immune system function and increased inflammation. Balancing these two factors is critical to maintaining robust health into old age.


Relieve Muscles with Tart Cherry


Muscles need to recover after exercise and hard labors around the garden and house. Aches and stiffness can be a distant memory when you engage the antioxidant and anthocyanin power of Tart Cherry with CherryPURE®. The rich coloration of cherries indicates it contains these nutrients and the tarter the better.

Tart cherry has been studied for its ability to block COX-1 and COX-2 enzymes, and promote fast muscle recovery after a workout. Marathon runners have used it successfully. Now you can get the inflammation support benefits of tart cherry juice without the sugar or calories.

herbal joint care


Relieve Joints with Herbs


All natural Arthromax Herbal Joint Formula helps maintain healthy cartilage levels in achy knees, backs, and joints in general. It’s packed with phytonutrients found in three herbal extracts: Chinese Skullcap, White Mulberry, and Cutch Tree. These help build and maintain connective tissue health, support joint inflammation, and rebuild cartilage to ease motion and promote joint comfort.


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Challenge Inflammation with Turmeric, Black Cumin, Tart Cherry
What color is wellness? Is it the vibrant orange of turmeric roots, the black of black cumin seeds, bold red of pungent cherries, or the varied shades of green and brown for herbs? Choose your color.
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