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  • Very Friendly Staff

    Very friendly staff. Store has everything I need.

    Philly A-List CityVoter 2017

    Anbalagan G.

  • Perfect Source for ALL Organic, Non-GMO and Local/Regional Foods

    The perfect source for ALL organic, non-GMO and local/regional foods. Friendly, informative staff and affordable prices with a good selection of thoughtfully procured items.

    Alignable Review 2017

    Greg W.

  • I Go Here for 80% of My GF Shopping

    I go here for 80% of my GF shopping. Best prices hands down. Great selection of chips, cookies, bread, bagels, waffles, cereal, pizza crust, cakes, pasta…. Even beauty products. Just look for the red dot on price label on shelf ( means gluten free) The staff are so nice & very knowledgable.

    Find Me Gluten Free Review 2017


  • Many Gluten-Free Options

    Many gluten-free options. They mark each truly gluten-free item with a red dot on the price tag, making gluten-free shopping super easy!

    Find Me Gluten Free 2017 Review


  • Employees Are There to Help

    You can find just about any health-related item and the employees are there to help.

    Philly A-List CityVoter 2017

    Diane Y.

  • Store is a Must if You Lead an Organic/Vegan Lifestyle

    They have the most amazing selection of organic and locally sourced produce! And every sales associate is a wealth of information about every product in the store and the benefits it has in your body. This store is a must if you lead an organic/vegan lifestyle!!!

    Philly A-List CityVoter 2017

    Amy D.

  • Since it’s Small, You Can Get In and Out Quickly

    Everyone is so nice and helpful. The selection of local produce and other products is fantastic – milk, bread, eggs, honey, tea, tomato sauce….. the list goes on. If you have any questions about supplements and natural healing, this is the place. And since it’s small, you can get in and out quickly.

    Local Harvest Review

    Local Harvest Review

  • Full of Helpful Information

    Martindale’s has whatever you are interested in. There are folks there that are full of helpful information. I now go there for their organic fresh veggies and fruit.

    Local Harvest Review

    Local Harvest Review

  • Best Produce in the Region

    Imagine my surprise when I found your store in Olde Sproul Shopping Center within the last few years. I first learned of your place when it was located on South 11th Street in Philadelphia when I was very young. It was small and seemingly filled to the rafters with products.

    Your store in Springfield offers the best produce I have seen in the region. And the Ezekiel bread is cheaper than Trader Joe’s, a real surprise.

    Sandra from Drexel Hill

  • New and Interesting Items

    Martindale’s has always been very helpful and friendly. They have new and interesting items of excellent quality with information for health. I appreciate the staff. They will also accommodate the customer(s ) and order any item that may be out of stock at the moment. I have been going there for a number of years. Keep up the good work.

    Renee from Philadelphia

  • Wealth of Information

    Thank you for your wealth of information!


  • Friendly and Helpful

    My wife called up today, to ask for help/advice on a personal health issue i’m having. The lady- Tammi i believe, was so very nice and friendly. When we came in she was again so very friendly and helpful.

    Anthony from Drexel Hill