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  • Best Produce in the Region

    Imagine my surprise when I found your store in Olde Sproul Shopping Center within the last few years. I first learned of your place when it was located on South 11th Street in Philadelphia when I was very young. It was small and seemingly filled to the rafters with products.

    Your store in Springfield offers the best produce I have seen in the region. And the Ezekiel bread is cheaper than Trader Joe’s, a real surprise.

    Sandra from Drexel Hill

  • New and Interesting Items

    Martindale’s has always been very helpful and friendly. They have new and interesting items of excellent quality with information for health. I appreciate the staff. They will also accommodate the customer(s ) and order any item that may be out of stock at the moment. I have been going there for a number of years. Keep up the good work.

    Renee from Philadelphia

  • Wealth of Information

    Thank you for your wealth of information!


  • Friendly and Helpful

    My wife called up today, to ask for help/advice on a personal health issue i’m having. The lady- Tammi i believe, was so very nice and friendly. When we came in she was again so very friendly and helpful.

    Anthony from Drexel Hill

  • I Love to Shop Here and I NEED to Shop Here

    Martindale’s is a sorely needed food source in a county filled with pesticide and chemical-laden produce.
    I love to shop here and I NEED to shop here.

    It is the only organic/natural market around for miles.
    LOVE it here soooooo much!

    Karen from Media, PA

  • Prices are Very Fair

    Your store just keeps getting better. It is one of the few stores I look forward to visiting. The expansion/reconfiguration is very well thought out. The staff is helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. The products you carry are outstanding, especially the local produce & the Kimberton prepared foods. What tops it off is the prices are very fair and at times beat the chain grocery stores. if I had to shop at only one store your store would be the one. Keep up the great work! God Bless.


  • Fan for life

    I must say that Martindale’s has been a lifesaver for me on many occasions, I can always find a wise staff member to help me choose the perfect food item or supplement for my family. Recently I was homebound due to a fractured ankle and called the store about a remedy for my daughter’s lice infestation. The staff member had such compassion for me that she rung up my order over the phone and even dropped it off to my home after her shift was up! I couldn’t believe it! That level of care could only be found at Martindale’s. I’m a fan for life!


  • Staff is Honest

    I come in once a week for a few items and monthly I buy our supplements. Everyone who greets me is so helpful and always willing to help direct me to anything I ask. The staff is very knowledgable even with newer products but also honest to make sure you get what you came for. I love the store so much when we recently purchased a home I made sure we weren’t too far from my go to health store. The selections are awesome and the atmosphere is happy and peaceful.


  • Reasonable Prices

    The staff is extremely friendly and always quick to help. They have a wide variety of products and supplements to choose from at reasonable prices!! Highly recommend!


  • In Stock & On Sale

    I came in asked for an item not on the shelf and it was brought right out…. thank you! Each time I call about an item you always have it in stock and usually on sale. The staff is friendly, helpful and always willing to help you find and educate you on products as long as it takes for me to feel confident to proceed to the cashier’s who are always nice and also engage in conversation. I always leave completely satisfied.


  • Very Knowledgeable

    I love Martindale’s and I shop there every week for Kombucha and all of my healthy needs. Everyone is so helpful and very knowledgeable!


  • Wide Variety of Natural Foods

    I shop at Martindale’s because of the wide variety of natural foods they offer. I love the local veggies and fruits that they have in stock . Their frozen foods aisle has everything that I need . The customer service is excellent. I love this store.