Harness the Power of Fermented Greens

Natural Factors produces Whole Earth & Sea® 100% Fermented Organic Greens with 100% fermented and certified organic formulas packed with fermented grasses, fruits, vegetables, and micronized medicinal mushrooms. Thousands of years ago, fermentation happened by chance. However, now scientists better understand this dynamic process, and research is abounding on its health benefits. Among those health benefits:

  • Release a plant’s full nutrient power and produce unique metabolites
  • Help reduce occasional gas and bloating by predigesting complex foods
  • Eliminate antinutrients, such as phytates, which inhibit mineral absorption
  • Promote gut health by supporting the growth of beneficial bacteria, improving digestion, and strengthening your gut barrier
  • Enhance protein quality and absorption by up to 40%!


Whole Earth Sea Products Use Fermented Ingredients


From Farm to Fermentation

Natural Factors uses a unique farm-to-fermentation process to bring you the best of nutrition. On our beautiful organic Factors Farms, we only use true “species” non-GMO seeds. Moreover, we nourish these seeds in rich alluvial soil, fertilized with compost and nitrogen-rich sea plants. When they’re ready, we harvest the plants by hand.

The new 100% Fermented Greens features a whole food blend of grasses, vegetables, and herbs grown on these beautiful farms.


EnviroSimplex® – Preserving the Vibrant Goodness of Whole Foods

After harvesting, we immediately process the plants at our facilities using our proprietary EnviroSimplex process. Subsequently, this process cultures, protects, and concentrates the plants and their delicate phytonutrients and enzymes.


Amplified Nutrients and Absorption with Fermentation

Using traditional methods of fermentation in a carefully controlled process, we combine the whole foods with clinically studied probiotic strains and organic molasses. As a result, this transforms the plants into easily digested, nutrient-packed powders that release the whole foods’ full nutrient power!


Third-Party Certified by ISURA

ISURA certification assures that the products are non-GMO and tested for over 600 potential contaminants.


Why Choose Natural Factors?

Why choose Whole Earth & Sea from Natural Factors? Here are a few great reasons:

  • 100% fermented, 100% organic greens formula
  • Includes 28 grasses, fruits, and vegetables – the majority are grown on Factors Farms
  • Proprietary EnviroSimplex process delivers the highest concentration
  • Provides a powerful blend of immune-boosting micronized medicinal mushrooms
  • Each one-scoop serving provides 8 servings of vegetables and fruits
  • 21 g of protein available in the Protein & Greens (6 g in the Greens)
  • Vegan, non-GMO, gluten free, no artificial colors, sweeteners or preservatives, and naturally sweetened
  • Bottles are made of 100% post-consumer recycled materials and are completely recyclable

Enjoy Whole Earth & Sea Greens in delicious organic unflavored or Protein & Greens in tasty organic chocolate and organic tropical. Try it for yourself, and feel the difference!

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