Think Melon for Even Skin Tone

You’ve used scrubs, creams, and harsh ingredients to deal with the uneven skin tone, dark circles, aging spots, and sun spots. You fear you may appear far older than you really are as you just don’t have the youthful glow you used to have. Your mirror reminds you of reddish-pink or pigmented brown areas that don’t belong there, dark circles around your eyes, and a dull appearance. It’s time to consider a new skin support supplement that gets below the surface of your skin’s complexion, with surprising origins from a humble melon in France.


The Cantaloupe Secret

Observant French farmers noticed that a particular type of melon had unusual longevity. The skin supplement uses the unique extracted and concentrated melon ingredient via a green and natural patented process. Country Life Vitamins, a leader in hair, skin, and nails supplements, has launched a first-to-market skin complexion supplement with clinically studied SkinAx²™ using melons (Cucumis melo L.) along with other nutrients for optimal results. The name of this skin care product is Maxi-Skin® Rescue.


Cantaloupe melons are packed with antioxidant nutrients who’s mission is to repel the free-radical feast devouring your skin’s integrity and which also fosters imperfections. French melon has naturally occurring antioxidants CoQ10, glutathione, and carotenoids and provides a naturally occurring source of superoxide dismutase (SOD), an antioxidant enzyme.


Melon, French Grape Seed Extract, Zinc, and C

 SkinAx²™Skin Rescue for spots is a clinically studied trademarked ingredient combining French Melon concentrate, French grape seed extract, zinc citrate and vitamin C to provide healthy skin support from the inside out. The amazing blend was recognized with awards in 2016. French grape seed extract helps to protect the skin from oxidative stress. Zinc citrate is required for skin cell renewal. Vitamin C is an essential (must be consumed) dietary component that is required for the production of collagen and helps maintain skin cell integrity.


Fruit-Based Beauty – Skin Tone, Dark Circles, Spots, Aging Spots (Liver Spots)

Maxi-Skin Rescue provides fruit-based beauty using a clinically studied ingredient that combines French cantaloupe melon with supporting nutrients that can deliver results in 8 weeks. Be sure to take 1 capsule daily every day for a minimum of 8 weeks and then gaze at your reflection once more! Don’t let aging spots on your face, hands or feet, or so-called brown “liver” spots, get you down. Prepare now. This summer is a good time to address those pesky sun spots.

Thirty-five healthy women ages 40-70 participated in an 8-week clinical trial and saw these results:

  • +26% more luminosity

  • +8.5% more elasticity

  • -19% less dark circle color

  • -21% less spots

  • -34% less reddish-pink


Equip your face and body to naturally deal with spots, dark circles, and dark blotches. Support your skin’s optimal brightness and elastic spring-i-ness. Consistent, even skin tone is just a capsule away.

Certified gluten free, certified vegan. No GMOs, yeast, corn, wheat, soy, milk, sugar, preservatives, or magnesium stearate. This is an all-natural supplement down to every detail. Certified B Corp, recyclable packaging, and manufacturing that supports wind power.

More Beauty Supplements

Maxi-Collagen and Maxi-Skin, two other beauty supplements, contain ingredients that support all three layers of the skin, including Verison® Bioactive Peptides®, clinically shown to:

  • Enhance elasticity
  • Increase collagen by 60%
  • Reduce the depth of wrinkles in 8 weeks

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