Vitamin Essentials for Back to School Success

Summer goes by so quickly—too quickly, as far as your kids are concerned. To be sure, its hard to believe you are shopping for new clothes, school supplies, and backpacks already. Don’t forget to put a high-quality multivitamin for kids on your list. Kids need all the support they can get, especially nutritional vitamins for essential back to school success. Studies indicate that many Americans, including youngsters, don’t get the vitamins and minerals they require. Essential vitamins should be on your child’s shopping list.


Essential Vitamins are Essential

They don’t call them essential vitamins for nothing! A child’s body can’t manufacture these all-important nutrients so children need adequate vitamin intake on a daily basis. With astonishing growth spurts, rapidly expanding vocabulary, and huge leaps forward in reasoning, a good multivitamin can help ensure that your child is receiving optimal levels of the nutrients needed to thrive. Kids don’t always eat right though not just any multivitamin will help. Children’s multis need to provide both the superior quality parents demand plus the good taste children crave—because young bodies can’t absorb nutrients from supplements kids won’t take, right? Tell me it’s not true!


Whole Food Multivitamins for Kidsvitamin from natures plus

Multi-time award-winning Animal Parade offers an entire family of vegetarian, gluten free, non-GMO, natural supplements for your child’s every need. Consequently, this gives them support for healthy growth and development through each of life’s stages. Notably, they feature whole food fruits and green superfoods, along with 100% daily value of vitamins and most minerals. They come in fun, animal-shaped gummies, chewable tablets, and yummy liquids and drops in delicious flavors like orange, berry, cherry, and grape.


Kid’s Supplements from Acidophilus to magkidZ

You know your child best. Prioritize probiotics like Acidophikidz for digestive support or calming magnesium found in MagKidz. From the plant power of KidGreenz to the orangey goodness of Vitamin C to the customized immune system support of Kids Immune Booster, every formulation is 3rd-party tested and crafted to meet the exacting standards of Natures Plus, a leader in natural supplementation.

Help your child reach their maximum potential with the best back to school success products. It’s vitamin essential!

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