Buf Bufala Bocconcini Mozz


The Taste from Columbia Changing Everything

A tongue can lie or tell the truth. At the table, your tongue will say this Bocconcini mozzarella delivers and you’ll laugh to find the cheese comes from Columbian water buffalos! Believe it. In fact, this may be the best mozzarella ball you have tasted.

Buf Creamery crafts a line of succulent, healthy & responsible organic foods. They envisioned a single taste that could change your perception of where the finest cheeses come from. With multiple awards from the American Cheese Society, they are well known for quality free-range water buffalo dairy. It seems we all love it. You will, too.

Enter Bocconcini

Who knew Bocconcini means “little bites”? Now we both do. The cheese comes ready to skewer, serve in salads, melt, or pop into the mouth as is. You’d never fit their larger Ovuline size cheese in one bite, and the petite cherry tomato size Ciliegine simply doesn’t fill ‘er up. So we are offering Bocconcini the middle size, egg-shaped cheese ball.

Ovaline Ciliegine Bocconcini

Add in Ciliegine and Ovoline

Now you’ve done it. By popular demand, we had to get all three varieties all at the same price point. We now offer:

  1. Bocconcini – mid-size
  2. Ciliegine – baby size
  3. Ovoline – jumbo size

Buf natural products, all from the milk of free-range, grass-fed water buffalos, have been recognized around the world for their taste. That taste has allowed them to become a leader in the fine cheeses industry. However, cheese tastes even better being non-GMO, pasture-raised, hormone-free, and free-range. Buf farmers are committed to responsibly sourced, organic dairy production.

Sit back and enjoy the peace of these grazing water buffalos.




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