Cadia Organic Raisins


cadia organic raisinsCadia Organic Raisins have no added sugar, and yet they’re naturally sweet. Only the highest quality organic ingredients go into their products. Additionally, sustainable farming techniques create the best raisins, and Cadia believes this.

Plump, juicy Thompson seedless grapes from sunny San Joaquin Valley are grown with one goal: to become raisins. No lack of sunshine dries each fruit to perfection yielding moist, chewy raisins ready for the table or picnic. Organic, sun-dried raisins adorn oatmeal, cookies, and handfuls with equal beauty. Fortunately, the ingredient list is quite small, as there is only one item in the 15 oz container and by now you know what that is.


Pure Raisins

Consumers will choose high-quality raisins with the USDA Organic seal. To add to that, the raisins are kosher, gluten-free, and vegan. In fact, a gluten-free facility is home to our raisin’s production. Raisins are fat-free and cholesterol free. As a result, kids love them, packed in lunches or out on the trail.

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