CocoYo Living Coconut Yogurt


The health profile of CocoYo Coconut Yogurt couldn’t be better. Each satisfying spoonful of this unsweetened dairy-free yogurt offers billions of living probiotics that support a healthy digestion. In fact, you’ll get 25 billion CFUs at time of bottling per 1/2 cup. This is significant. Additionally, CocoYo yogurt contains MCTs which act as fuel to energize your day.

coconut living yogurt

Made by GT’S

The meat of raw, young coconuts is the foundation of GT’S Living Cocoyo. Enjoy smooth and satisfying creamy yogurt without any dairy as it is yogurt for vegans and everybody else, too. Furthermore, it is only 110 calories per serving. The number of friendly, live bacteria is 25 billion cfu at time of bottling per 1/2 cup. With whopping numbers like that, no scoffing is allowed.

Eat CocoYo yogurt as a living whole food with passionate intentionality. Digestive health is just a start of what can be achieved. Feel free to throw your probiotic pills away. Friendly bacteria, sourced from a bowl instead of a capsule, is foundational in the big picture.


Flavorful Coconut Yogurt

Look for Pure, Vanilla, and Ginger-Turmeric. As far as flavor goes, Vanilla Cocoyo contains only pure, organic vanilla extract for flavoring. Natural stevia lightly sweetens it so your taste buds sing. Likewise, the same standards apply to the others, too. Ginger-Turmeric coconut yogurt features tongue-rousing spicy ginger root and healthy warm turmeric roots.


Have your coconut yogurt with berries, in a smoothie, or right from the spoon. Yum! Watch this from the founder of GT’s Living Foods. Not satisfied with just Kombucha, Dave pressed on to create our Cocoyo.


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8 oz

Does Not Contain

gluten, dairy