Farmhouse Culture Gut Shots


Food liberators. Cultivators of change. Tireless dreamers. These are among the declarations of Farmhouse Culture, perhaps one of the most passionate makers of all things fermented. In addition to their crunchy, insanely flavorful organic Kraut, Farmhouse Culture also makes probiotic Gut Shots, made from naturally fermented green cabbage and a host of other organically grown ingredients.

Caraway Classic Gut Shot fermented drinkGut Shots are the perfect way to pump up your digestion, strengthen your immune system and have more energy. If that wasn’t enough, they also support weight loss and metabolism; vitamin and mineral absorption;  prevention of antibiotic-related conditions and much more! Each 1 ½ ounce serving has no more than 10 calories.

We offer Gut Shots in several smokin’ flavors:

Golden Turmeric

This Gut Shot is loaded with the anti-inflammatory star, turmeric. Golden beets and cabbage balance the flavor of tangy curry spices, cayenne and black pepper.

Other additional flavors include:

Classic Caraway

Nothing boring here. Green cabbage and earthy caraway blend for a smooth, tangy shot.

ginger beet gut shotsGinger Beet

Ginger Beet combines the earthiness of beets with the fresh zing of ginger. Yum!


Find all our flavors in the beverage refrigerated case.

Gut shots are USDA Organic and NonGMO Project Verified.

Gluten and dairy-free.




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16 fl. oz.