Herbal Skin Care – Golden Salve


 Relief in a Jar

Herbal wound care - Golden Salve with propolis from Equinox Botanicals

Are you looking for all-natural, herbal skin care? Look no further than Equinox Botanicals Golden Salve. Each jar is packed with healing herbs to soothe skin and relieve irritation.

Golden salve was created by Paul Strauss, a New York City native turned woodsman. Paul left his urban home as a young man, choosing instead to live in the great wild areas of the United States.

Paul has called both the Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Area and Superstition Wilderness Area home. He has also studied medicinal plants and spiritual wellbeing with members of the Hopi, Navajo, and Shoshone tribes. As a result, he has a deep and abiding love for nature, and for the power of the herbs and plants that grow there.

In 1970, after deciding to settle down, Paul purchased 70 acres of land in rural Ohio. There, he set about restoring the damage done to the local ecosystem by decades of strip mining. As he farmed the land, Paul incurred the bumps, bruises, and scrapes that farmers do. Fortunately, Paul was surrounded by natural medicine: the woods. He drew on his knowledge of herbal skin care to create his now legendary recipe. It was such a hit with friends and neighbors that he decided to share it with the world.


Herbal Skin Care from Appalachia’s Herb Basket

Golden salve is a mix of potent healing herbs, botanicals and organic beeswax suspended in natural oils.

Each jar includes:

  • Goldenseal Root (Hydrastis canadensis)
  • Calendula Flower (Calendula officinalis)
  • Yellowdock Root (Rumex crispus)
  • Comfrey Root (Symphytum officinale)
  • Propolis (Bee harvested tree resin)
  • Balm of Gilead Bud (Populus balsamifera)

Allow the power of natural herbs to soothe your hurts, smooth your skin, and promote faster healing. Use for irritations, bug bites, small cuts, burns, and abrasions. It’s perfect for skin conditions such as rashes or inflamed patches, as well as cracked and dry skin. It also makes an excellent cuticle cream. (an available .25oz size fits right in your bag.) It is gentle and suitable for small children and infants; it works wonders for diaper rash and cradle cap.

Equinox Botanicals comprises over 300 acres of conservation area in Southeastern Ohio, AKA “Appalachia’s Herb Basket.” Above all, they are dedicated to preserving the legacy of the land, promoting herbal knowledge, and practicing sustainable agriculture. All ingredients are gathered wild or organically sourced from the on-site farm.



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