Italian Flat Parsley


Garnish With Me – Organic Flat Parsley

Out pops roasted veggies hot from the oven; a steaming bowl of soup just to your liking; salads and cooling vegetable bowls: what’s missing? Organic parsley is the perfect garnish to make each dish shout “fresh!“. Chopped finely, or even a few whole sprigs of our Italian Flat Parsley will accomplish cries of delight over your culinary creations.

After all, the herb complements each dish with feathery fronds of vibrant green. This kind of color sparks from a farmer’s love and attention prompting the development of rich chlorophyll in shades of emerald.

organic parsley

Featured nutrients are Vitamin A, C, K and folate. Joining these are few calories and almost no carbs. The value of herbs cannot be overstated. Condensed into the leaves and stems you’ll find carotenoids such as lutein, zeaxanthin, beta carotene – all antioxidants bringing life and health to you and your family.

Crowning the benefits of Italian Flat Parsley is the flavor. Like common table salt, it adds zing to all types of savory dishes. Top off grilled salmon with parsley. Make a fresh parsley pesto sauce. Chop finely and add to salad dressing. This is the “secret sauce” making your meals that much better!

Local – Organic Parsley

All fresh produce is organic at Martindale’s. As warmer weather permits, our local farmers will produce Italian Parsley and you’ll see the designation “local”. The abundance of nutrients partnered with freshness makes local parsley the best of all. Wouldn’t you agree? Additionally, the impact on our planet is less when the herb needs to travel only an hour or two away to arrive at the produce case.

Being organic just makes it taste all the better. No herbicides, pesticides, chemical sprays are ever used on our organic flat parsley. Doesn’t purity light up your imagination as well as your tastebuds?

Look for local organic parsley starting early spring through the warm seasons. Add some zing to your meals!



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