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Quercetin is a polyphenol antioxidant, specifically a flavonoid, abundantly found in plants. You can find it naturally in many foods and drinks like citrus, apples, berries, green leafy vegetables, seeds, nuts, green tea, dark chocolate, and red wine. However, on its own, quercetin does not absorb easily. Absorbability also varies greatly from one person to the next for a variety of reasons. This is where a unique supplement may be helpful. Natural Factors Quercetin LipoMicel Matrix uses advanced technology to provide an ultra-absorbable, less variable, micro-emulsified lipo form. In fact, studies for the Quercetin LipoMicel Matrix indicate that it may absorb up to 10 times better than regular. 250 mg is perfect for a nutrient getting absorbed so efficiently.

Antioxidants benefit the body in many ways, scavenging free radicals and lessening detrimental oxidative stress. This is specifically important for immune system health. Much of the recent research on quercetin has focused on its immune-enhancing aspects. First, it works as an antioxidant to support white blood cell activity. When white blood cells mobilize, the body’s defenses go to work. Secondly, studies show it may promote the immune effects of ionic zinc. When zinc is unbound to other molecules (i.e., in a free ionic state), it exerts significant action in the immune system cell network, especially those in the respiratory tract. Some experts believe Quercetin acts as a zinc ionophore. Zinc-ionophores are zinc transporters in and out of a cell that can increase the effects of zinc on a cell.

Lipo Form of Quercetin

The better we absorb quercetin, the better it can go to work helping our immune system. LipoMicel Quercetin, the lipo form of quercetin, is certainly the best one for the job. Don’t let the 250 mg dosage fool you. This product provides 10X higher absorption than others. Get liquid lipo micelle quercetin.

Each bottle contains 60 Liquid Softgels.


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