Local Camel Milk


Now you can purchase hard-to-find, LOCAL camel milk at Martindale’s!

Our friendly local Swiss Villa farmers now have camels. Therefore, we are offering the best quality non-GMO grass-fed, pasteurized, camel’s milk for sale in the store. We have heard from our customers wanting to serve premier fresh camel milk to their autistic children, and now we have it: fresh and local from small, family farms. We make no health claims about this — try it for yourself.

Meet your local dromedaries! These photos were sent over from the farmer so you know exactly where your milk comes from.

camels for milk

Camel Milk – Whole Food Nutrition

Camel’s milk is very much in demand currently. This must be because of its unusual yet dense nutritional profile. Certainly, it has sustained mankind in Asia and the Middle East, namely Beduin Arabs who’ve relied on this whole food for generations. Folks within range of Springfield, PA like it because it is low in lactose, making it highly digestible. Goat milk and cow milk may not digest for you, but camel milk could! This is all the better considering the milk is believed to be a whole food source of the nutrient, GABA.

The amino acid GABA, is a potent neurotransmitter and promotes a sense of relaxation. Of course, you could buy this separately in our supplementcamel milk for sale in the freezer aisle, but perhaps you’d rather get it in a whole food dairy source. Whole camel milk is low-cholesterol, rich food, perhaps a superfood, considering all the claims made regarding the benefits.

With more calming nutrition than goat’s milk, camel milk is often preferred for those with autistic kids. Perhaps kids respond positively to the actual GABA in this beverage. How effective is this? It varies from person to person so therefore we can’t make any claims. However, it is here in our freezer for sale and you are welcome to have your family try it.

Whether you’re getting this local dairy drink for your baby or child, or to test it out for medicinal purposes is entirely up to you. Does it have curative benefits for diabetes, inflammatory conditions, or autism? We’ll let you do your own research.

For more information from Swiss Villa Farms, read here.

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Buy fresh, pasteurized camel milk from a local farm that is less than 2 hours away!

Quantities are limited in-store. To ensure availability, call ahead. Our supply will be freshly frozen. It freezes really well and lasts approximately 10 days after thawing. Local camels are given GMO-free feed and graze on chemical-free small family farms.

Look in the frozen section.
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