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Now you can purchase hard-to-find, LOCAL camel milk at Martindale’s!

Our friendly local Swiss Villa farmers now have camels. Therefore, we are offering the best quality non-GMO grass-fed, raw camel’s milk for sale in the store. We have heard from our customers wanting to serve premier fresh camel milk to their autistic children, and now we have it: fresh, local, and raw from small, family farms. We make no health claims about this — try it for yourself.

Meet your local dromedaries! These photos were just taken and sent over so you know exactly where your milk comes from.

camels for milk

Health Benefits for Autistic Children Information from Swiss Villa:

Recently we have been hearing a lot about the wonderful healing effects and ability to treat, and in some cases cure, certain health issues like diabetes, Crohn’s disease and now autism.

The Internet is crawling with testimonials of parents of autistic children encouraging new therapeutic drink. Even camel milk proponents believe that it may benefit people with autism disorders due in part that it doesn’t contain casein, a problem for many autistic children.

A study published in the 2005 edition of the International Journal of Human Development observed the effects of camel, not cow, milk consumption on autistic children. Researchers discovered that after a 4-year-old female participant drank the milk for 40 days; her autism symptoms disappeared. A 15-year-old boy also recovered of autism symptoms after 30 days of drinking the milk. The study also suggested that camel’s milk helped several 21-year old patients, who after two weeks of drinking the milk became quieter and less self-destructive.

whole camel milk

According to the Huffington Post, nomadic people have used camel milk medicinally for centuries. It is the closest to human mother’s milk and contains 10 times more iron and three times more vitamin C than cow’s milk. Experience unique, powerful immune-system components contained in the dairy product.

The milk is beneficial. However, insufficient scientific evidence exists to prove its effectiveness in the treatment of autism. Researchers remain cautious but are optimistic about its properties. You should do your own studies and find out if camel milk is right for you and your autistic child.

For more information from Swiss Villa Farms, read here.

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Buy fresh, raw camel milk from a local farm that is less than 2 hours away!

Quantities are limited in-store. To ensure availability, call ahead. Our supply will be freshly frozen. It freezes really well and lasts approximately 10 days after thawing. GMO-free.

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