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Don’t be fooled by Ancient Nutrition’s name! There’s nothing ancient about their products. The Company’s goal is to provide people with the ancient nutrients of our ancestors to restore your health, strength and vitality. Subsequently, they do this by marrying proven traditional Ayurveda and Chinese medicines with modern research to create their top-selling products. One result is award-winning, multi-sourced collagen powders made with food-based ingredients.


Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen PowderTested for Purity

Collagen is a complex protein that contains 19 amino acids. In addition to supporting hair, skin, nails and joints, collagen supports healthy digestion and metabolism.

With all the many benefits of collagen, you want to consume collagen that’s pure and effective. Using the latest technology, Ancient Nutrition tests and re-tests its ingredients for purity. Additionally, the Company uses traditional fermentation methods and ingredients to improve bioavailability.


Ancient Nutrition for the Modern World

Multi Collagen Protein boasts five types of food-sourced collagen that not only support your hair, skin and nails but also your gut and joints. The powder, which derives collagen from beef, chicken, fish and eggshell membrane, packs nine grams of protein per serving. Ancient Nutrition wisely sources all ingredients from nonGMO, grass-fed and hormone, cruelty and cage-free sources.

In addition to the original Collagen Protein, we offer four additional flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry-Lemonade and Cold Brew. Moreover, we offer Multi Collagen in two different function formats:

  • Beauty and Sleep: Lavender Bergamot
  • Beauty Within: Watermelon Basil

Note: Prices may vary, depending on which Multi Collagen you purchase.

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