Nantucket Spider Deet-Free Bug Repellent


Natural Bug Repellent for People

The Official Bug Spray of Summer


Repel bugs naturally with bug spray made from a unique blend of essential oils and are completely deet-free! Spray a fine mist over your skin to send those critters scampering away back into the woods where they belong. It’s non-greasy, and smells good, too.


Nantucket Spider is safe to spray on your clothing, your backpack and gear, and your bare skin and hair. Especially cover ankles, wrists, and neck where critters congregate if given the chance. Perfect for those nasty horse flies at the beach, and big-toothed creepy biters on the trail. Nantucket Spider is effective at repelling mosquitos, biting flies (including horse flies, black flies, and deer flies) and ticks.


This repellent contains rosemary, geranium, cedarwood, peppermint, lemongrass, clove and citronella.


If you’re reading this, you need this for summer and into tick season.

deet free bug repellents



Natural Bug Repellent Extra Strength Tick

The Official Bug Spray of Park Rangers

You can’t expect your bug spray to protect you from all tick bites but in a recent independent laboratory test Nantucket Spider repelled over 90% of deer ticks. That is some powerful tick spray! Smells heavenly in the vanilla spice genre. Apply safely to skin, clothing, hair and gear without damage or stains. Made with pure, steam-distilled essential oils.


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8 fl oz

Does Not Contain