Bioactive Quercetin EMIQ


How can you maximize the absorption of quercetin, a poorly absorbed nutrient? An excellent choice is EMIQ Quercetin for allergies and hayfever Bioactive Quercetin EMIQ from Natural Factors.


Bioactive Quercetin

To sum it up, the astounding enhanced absorption shows up well in documented studies. In the unique patented process, polysaccharides bond to basic quercetin via a natural enzyme approach. Now we have soluble that which was not so soluble: namely the quercetin. The importance of this cannot be overstated as this bioflavonoid nutrient is typically not so bioavailable. Now, with the EMIQ form, it is bioavailable! In fact, happily expect 40X greater absorption.


Quercetin EMIQ

Enzymatically Modified Isoquercitrin, EMIQ for short, reaches peak bloodstream levels in just 15 minutes. As an antioxidant and relative of vitamin C this supplement offers top benefits. Allergy sufferers and those with hayfever will certainly gravitate to this quercetin supplement in order to help manage the release of histamine quickly. The supplement makes a great complement to an immune system support protocol.

Quercetin EMIQ vegetarian capsules provide 50 mg calcium ascorbate vitamin C and 167 mg EMIQ, yielding 50 mg of super absorbable and bioactive quercetin. As with all Natural Factors supplements, 3rd party testing ensures purity and potency.



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60 vegetarian capsules
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