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new look pure penta bottled waterPenta Ultra-Pure Water

Just because it is clear doesn’t mean it is pure. Many things can be lurking in our water that we cannot see. Whether it’s from the tap or is another brand of bottled water, there can be a whole array of invisible impurities. It takes a really special process to filter out all of these impurities. This is where Penta’s 13-step patented filtration system takes them leaps and bounds above other bottled water brands. 


Penta’s 13-Step Patented Filtration Process

The science behind Penta’s purification process includes multiple different types of filtration. Many competitor water companies will include one or two of these, however in order to filter down to the basics– that’s two molecules of hydrogen, one molecule of oxygen– there must be many steps: 

  • micron filtration – removes volatile organic compounds and other contaminants
  • reverse osmosis – removes salt, minerals, and additional impurities
  • deionization – ion exchange to filter out remaining minerals
  • ultraviolet light – removes 99.99% of microorganisms
  • ozonation – uses ozone from atmospheric oxygen to naturally sterilize

Following the steps to all of these processes allows for a finished product free of unwanted toxins and impurities without the addition of harmful additives or chemicals.

Penta Water is Free From:

  • chlorine – used to bleach and disinfect
  • trace pharmaceuticals – drugs flushed into sewer systems
  • arsenic – used in pesticides, herbicides, & insecticides
  • MTBE – flammable liquid used in unleaded gas to make fuel burn easier
  • chromium 6 – hexavalent chromium used to produce stainless steel, textile dyes, & as anti-corrosive
  • fluoride – groundwater fluorides can be toxic
  • bisphenol A – used in making plastics



You know it’s good when something is naturally balanced without you having to do a thing to it. That is Penta water. A naturally occurring pH means they never add pH-altering substances to their water. This perfect pH doesn’t occur overnight, however. Over time, rain and snow percolate down from high mountain peaks. The water then collects underground in a natural aquifer. The water sits beneath a protective layer of solid rock and clay until it is brought to the surface right when it will be bottled.


A Bottle Just As Good As What’s Inside

All Penta water is bottled in high-grade PET bottles, which are FDA approved for beverages and, most importantly, are BPA/BPS-free. Additionally, the bottles are fully recyclable and made right here in the USA. Feel confident not only drinking great water but knowing the bottle will go on to become something new and great, not sit in a landfill. Drink good water. Feel good about it. 


Where Can You purchase Penta water In-Store at a Great Price?

Come to Martindale’s to get your Penta water on sale at a ridiculously low price:

  • Case of 24: .5 liter bottles – $29.99
  • Case of 12:  1-liter bottles  – $25.99
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