Organic Coffee from Philly Fair Trade Roasters


Philly Fair Trade Roasters Organic CoffeeFor most of us, a daily cup of coffee (or two) is a vital part of the morning ritual. The familiar warmth, aroma, and taste of this yummy bean create an experience that keeps us coming back for more. Like most things in life, not all coffee is created equal. Consuming fair trade, organic coffee benefits both your health and your conscience. With this in mind, Martindale’s now offers locally-produced Philly Fair Trade Roasters organic coffee.

Organic Coffee: Better All-Around

Philly Fair Trade Roasters uses only organic coffee beans. As a micro-roaster, they only roast in small batches. This approach ensures you receive a quality product every time. But what makes this local coffee better? Organic coffee often tastes less bitter which allows the unique and pure flavors of the bean to reveal themselves in each sip. In addition, conventional coffee is one of the most chemically treated foods in the world. Fortunately, organic coffee beans contain no pesticides or other harmful chemicals.

Besides avoiding these toxic chemicals, choosing organic coffee also provides more nutrition than conventional varieties. Organically-grown coffee uses healthier soil and a more pure growing process. A healthier soil means that the coffee beans contain more vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium and zinc. Not to mention that organic coffee is more environmentally friendly. For these reasons and more, Philly Fair Trade Roasters is proud to offer their USDA certified organic coffee.

Fair-Trade: Everyone Wins

Purchasing this fair trade coffee is a better choice for your conscience as well. Philly Fair Trade Roasters believes that the farmers who grow the coffee deserve a fair, livable wage. Unfortunately, most conventional coffee farmers earn very little money for their work and face terrible working conditions. This knowledge is what inspired local coffee roaster, Joe Cesa, to start Philly Fair Trade Roasters in 2010.



The fair trade label on this local coffee ensures that the growers receive a fair wage for their labor.  Fair trade companies also maintain the health and dignity of their farmers through a safer working environment. In addition, the Fair Trade Labeling Organization sets base prices for fair trade coffee so that you, the consumer, don’t overpay. With fair trade, everybody wins!

So next time you sit down to a cup of coffee, make it Philly Fair Trade Roasters. Their local, organic coffee will give you more than one reason to smile.

Martindale’s offers the following varieties:



Joe’s House Blend