Potter’s Six Seed Crackers


A Delicious & Sustainable Choice

Potter’s Crackers is an excellent choice for customers who care about the taste of their food and its environmental impact. The company handcrafts crackers, crisps, and oysters using locally sourced organic whole-wheat flour, milk, and butter, ensuring high quality and sustainability. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Potter’s commitment to using local and sustainable ingredients sets them apart from mass-produced options. By choosing Potter’s, consumers can enjoy delicious snacks while supporting sustainable farming and reducing their carbon footprint.



potter's six seed crackers

Locally Sourced Ingredients

Potter’s Crackers’ commitment to sourcing its ingredients from small, sustainable farms in the local area is good for the environment. Using local and organic ingredients ensures high quality and supports small, independent producers. Without a doubt, this focus on local ingredients also allows Potter’s to keep the carbon footprint of their products low, as they don’t have to transport from afar.


Potter’s Crackers Handmade Production

Every cracker, crisp, and oyster is made by hand in small batches. That is to say, this process ensures the products are crafted with care, attention to detail, and a focus on quality. Additionally, handcrafted crackers allow for more variation in shapes and sizes, enhancing their artisanal appeal. Furthermore, this small-batch production method also minimizes their environmental impact.


Certified Organic

MOSA, a USDA-accredited agency, granted certification to Potter’s Crackers for their commitment to being organic. Additionally, this means that all ingredients in their products are free from GMOs, synthetic fertilizers, and pesticides. Most importantly, these harmful chemicals can affect our environment and health. Potter’s Crackers advocates for a sustainable and healthy food system by choosing organic products.


Something for Everyone

Potter’s Crackers offers an array of varieties to please all palates, including favorites like Six Seed and a more daring option of Applewood Smoked and Herbes De Provence. With gluten-free and vegan choices, no one has to miss out on tasty treats. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a snack, skip the junk food and go for something delicious and responsible. Choose Potter’s Crackers and taste the difference!

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