Pumfu Pumpkin Seed Tofu


USDA Organic Soy-Free Meat AlternativeFoodies Vegan Pumfu Pumpkin Seed Tofu

Pumfu is an innovative alternative to not only meat but to traditional tofu because… it’s soy free! It is also gluten free and nut free. This versatile vegan food mimics the texture of extra firm tofu, and the best news: it comes pre-pressed, so there is no water pressing necessary. This gem is ready to cook right out of the package.

Made from only USDA Organic pumpkin seeds and water, this product is all about clean ingredients and simplicity. But few ingredients does not mean light on the nutrients. Pumfu is bursting with plant-based protein with 34 g per package! For those looking to eat plant-based and avoid soy, or for those just looking for a new meat alternative to try out, Pumfu is perfect. It is even keto-friendly!

With simplicity in mind, you can just toss Pumfu in some marinade to flavor, then simply grill, saute, bake, or even air fry. If you really want to get creative, use it to make BBQ “wings“, stir-frys, curries, scrambles, and much more! No soy, no gluten, yet you can have your tofu and eat it, too.

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