Pummelos – Grandpa of the Grapefruit


What is a Pummelo?

A yummy fruit with a funny name. Citrus Maxima means “Biggest Citrus”, and that sums it up pretty well. These fruits resemble a large, green or orange grapefruit. While many people think these fruits are a grapefruit hybrid, the opposite is true. The pummelo, indigenous to Southeast Asia, was brought to Barbados by traders. There, it interbred with the local sweet orange, and produced the grapefruit! The two share a similar flavor, but the pummelo is generally sweeter.

Organic Pumellos, high in Vitamin C, in display in the Martindale's produce section

Health Benefits

Like all citrus, these fruits are high in Vitamin C and antioxidants. They also contain significant quantities of potassium, thiamine, and fiber, making them a healthful addition to your diet.

How to Eat a Pummelo

You can enjoy a Pummelo much like you would it’s smaller, more bitter cousin. Try one for breakfast, or add some chunks to your next salad for a bright burst of flavor. They can also be eaten right out of the hand like an orange or tangerine.


Our pummelos are organically-grown and fresh! Come give one a try today.


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