Raindance Apiary Honey from Media, PA


raw honeyThank you, Noah Gress, from nearby Media, our neighbor. The bees have been buzzing and now the honey is ready. Top seller around here, Raindance raw honey is available in 16 oz or 24 oz. You’ll wish you got the larger size so may as well just go for it!


This sticky sweet stuff is good for all the usual standbys such as spreading on toast, and swirling in tea. Consider drizzling on yams and sweet potatoes, using as dip, and making a smoothie.


When you’ve finished all that, you’ll want to mix apple cider vinegar with your Raindance and massage into your face as a mask!


Soothe a sore throat, gain antioxidant protection, move with raw energy, and train your body to accept local seasonal allergens. All this with locally produced raw honey: unheated, untreated, unfiltered, and non-contaminated with additives like corn syrup.


So many uses, not enough time.

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Brand Name
Raindance Apiary
Product Name
Honey from Media, PA
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24 oz

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