Raw Chocolate Milk


raw chocolate milk from Dutch Meadow farmLocated in idyllic Lancaster County PA, Dutch Meadows farms knows cows. The Stoltzfus family has owned and operated the farm for three generations, carefully tending to their herd of prized Dutch Belted cattle. Their raw, unpasteurized chocolate milk is made with milk from this unique and special breed.

Dutch Belteds are an increasingly rare heritage breed. The cows produce milk with very fine fat particles, naturally resulting in partial homogenization. For the consumer, that means exceptionally smooth, rich, and delicious milk. Dutch Belted cows also produce milk with a high percentage of A2 milk proteins. A2 protein is easier to digest than A1  protein, which is great for folks with difficulties digesting milk. Dutch Meadows raw chocolate milk is 80-90% A2 protein. 

Dutch Meadows cows are grass-fed, spending the majority of their time outdoors grazing. The Stoltzfus family believes in giving their animals the best lives possible, and that belief is reflected in the quality of their products. When you drink a tall glass of cold Dutch Meadows milk, you can all but taste the Lancaster sunshine.


All-Natural Chocolate Milk

If a glass of Dutch Meadows milk is a treat, their all-natural chocolate milk is a fine dessert. With a robust chocolate taste and luscious texture, it truly feels like an indulgence. However, it’s packed with all the healthful benefits of all-natural whole milk. It contains roughly 9 grams of protein, as well as D and B vitamins, potassium, and of course, calcium. Raw milk is also very high in conjugated lineolic acid, a fatty acid with numerous health benefits. Dutch Meadows raw chocolate milk is made without processed ingredients. It’s perfect for kids and adults alike, especially after an intense day of playing or exercising.

When you buy Dutch Meadows milk, you are supporting a family and a tradition. The Stoltzfus family is committed to doing things the old-fashioned way, and producing the best milk possible. They are part of a larger community of American farmers representing true agricultural ideals.

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