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Rebbl elixirWhat if you could boost your immune system, detox and support your liver, support your heart, and turn aging on its head… and have it all taste like chocolate? And I mean not weak-kneed, dishwater, sugared-up “chocolate” but high-quality flavorful chocolate sourced ethically. Rebbl Elixirs combine quality ingredients sourced ethically from around the world into coconut milk beverages combined with tonic herbs. Our Reishi Chocolate flavor is a superb herb powered, organic drink to make your day! The key to these awesome health benefits is reishi.


All of Rebble elixirs contain adaptogenic herbs, are plant-based, and feature coconut milk. In addition to Reishi Chocolate, you just have to try Turmeric Golden Milk variety! Look for other flavors to come.


Also available are Rebbl Protein Elixirs: Vanilla Spice and Dark Chocolate. Each has 16 grams of protein.








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12 oz.

Does Not Contain

dairy, soy


low caffeine 4 grams MCTs