Starfruit – Celestially Sweet


What is Starfruit?

Starfruit is instantly recognizable for its unique shape and bright yellow color. Have a bite, and you’ll find the taste is pretty unique too. The flavor is often described as somewhere between a grape and a pineapple. It’s a little sweet, a little sour, and completely refreshing.

Delicious and refreshing starfruit

Health Benefits

This fruit is packed with healthful vitamins and antioxidants. It is especially high in Vitamin C!

How to Eat Starfruit

To eat, simply cut lengthwise – this will leave you with the star-shaped coins that give the fruit its name. Pick out the seeds and you’re ready to go!

While starfruit is often eaten as is, it can be enjoyed a number of different ways. Try some in a seafood stir-fry, or oven-dry some segments for yummy fruit chips.

Try juicing yours for a crisp, slightly sour pick-me-up. Add apple or carrot juice to make a delicious and revitalizing combination.

Check out the produce aisle to try some fresh, organically-grown starfruit.

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