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A unique electrolyte drink and packets made from plant extracts and sea minerals is now in-store: Superieur Electrolytes. Water balance is especially important this time of year when sports, workouts, and outdoor activities have us perspiring. As much as we try to drink enough water, the penetration of said water into our cells and muscles requires natural bodily processes involving salts, minerals, and electrolytes. Staying hydrated becomes much easier with the help of a clean electrolyte powder. Let’s talk about Fresh Watermelon flavor.

superieur electrolytes powderAdults and kids love the refreshing watermelon taste in the electrolyte drink. In fact, trace sea minerals within your glass help satisfy your thirst as it goes down easily. Drink freely when you want a change from drinking water. The delicious taste encourages more hydration as you find yourself filling your glass yet again. Simply mix one scoop with water and drink. It’s sugar-free.


What’s in Watermelon Electrolytes?

Superieur, named for the founder’s love of Lake Superior, is free of sugar, dyes, and even so-called “natural colors”. What color is the drink? The answer is that your glass will literally show off the naturally occurring color without any additives. The nonGMO formula is food-based and made with pink Himalayan sea salt. For example, 70 mg of vitamin C comes from Acerola Berry extract. No lab-made calcium ascorbate or ascorbic acid is in it.

The electrolyte drink mix is also gluten-free and vegan. No artificial flavors or sweeteners are ever used. Each serving contains 50 mg stevia leaf extract. The Fresh Watermelon flavored electrolyte powder is made with only pure watermelon flavor.

Here’s the complete list of ingredients:

  • Acerola Berry extract for vitamin C – not made from corn
  • calcium as tri-calcium citrate
  • potassium as tri-potassium citrate
  • stevia leaf extract
  • pink Himalayan sea salt – pH balanced sea salt contains more than 80 ionic minerals and is less acidic than sodium chloride used in other formulas
  • bamboo stem extract – a rich source of silica for healthy
  • trace ionic sea minerals – like magnesium and other minerals derived from lakes and not labs


  • organic rice syrup solids
  • nonGMO citric acid
  • natural watermelon flavor


In addition to the Fresh Watermelon flavor drink, be sure to try out Citrus and Concord Grape Superieur Electrolytes mix, too. All 3 flavors are also available in electrolyte packets too.



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