Superior Grade Matcha Tea


Pureblend Matcha Tea

Pureblend Superior Grade Matcha Tea is grown and produced on a small traditional organic and fair trade tea farm in China. The quality of tencha leaves used cannot be overstated. Ground finely into 800 mesh powder, your cup of “match” won’t clump or feel lumpy on the palate. Stir, whisk or shake a half or a whole teaspoon into 10-12 ounces of water. It matters not whether it’s cold or hot as the matcha really does blend well either way. Take your time. This historic beverage has a long history of calming, healing, and satisfaction. The antioxidant, polyphenol and fiber content, combined with outstanding purity and green tea flavor, have a lot to do with Pureblend’s success.

The splash of caffeine, combined with brain-focusing l-theanine, make for a daily happy place. Naturally occurring catechins, EGCg in particular, are a class of antioxidants that help you get healthy. This tea keeps giving.

Clearly, Pureblend Matcha starts with the farm, continues in the kitchen, and finds completion in the cup. Travel or stay at home with your matcha water bottle, smoothie or juice creation.

clump free matcha

Local Matcha

The tea is handcrafted in the old style and is based in West Chester, PA. Only organic methods are chosen which, of course, means no pesticides, herbicides, toxic glyphosate, or GMOs. How do we know? Local tea producer, Kari Dandrea, works with a fairly traded tea farm to provide organic and fair-trade matcha tea under strict standards. She developed the Pureblend product line in tune with the highest values and vision. No wonder, she calls it Superior Grade Matcha. Open up the 1 oz size of the precious powder and find inspirational recipes to enhance your calm and pleasure. It won’t be long before you promote yourself to the 2 oz or 4 oz size Matcha tea also available in store.

Matcha spread to Japan 900 years ago, was revered as a wonder tea and became the Japanese Ceremonial Tea known as The Way of Tea. Fortunately, our own local Pureblend tea crafter keeps the Martindale’s shelves stocked.


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