Ultra-Smooth Barney Butter


Super smooth barney butterSmooth as Silk

Beautiful Northern California is sometimes known as “Almond Alley”. 80% of the world’s almonds are grown there, so it’s no coincidence that Barney Butter makes their supremely smooth almond butter here. This location guarantees quality and freshness while helping to keep production local. What’s more – the peanut-free almond butter is sure to please everyone.

“We are really a farm to jar operation produced in small batches,” says director of operations David Colson. However, their location in the heart of almond country is far from the only thing that makes Barney Butter unique.


 Completely Peanut-Free Production

The entire Barney Butter supply chain is certified peanut-free. The manufacturing plant only handles almonds – no dairy products, eggs, shellfish, legumes or grain even enters the building. They source all almonds from the nearby Central Valley and pack everything in-house, so there’s no cross-contamination. While the plant does use cocoa and coconut in one flavor, they ensure all equipment is exhaustively cleaned between production runs.

Barney Butter also uses a special production process; they blanch their almonds to remove the skins. As a result, the butter is unbelievably smooth. You won’t find any of the gritty texture sometimes encountered in other products.

In addition to being certified peanut-free almond butter, Barney Butter products are also verified Non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher, Paleo, and gluten-free. Their ultra-smooth almond butter is made with just 4 ingredients, for a taste and consistency that just can’t be beat.

Choose from 3 varieties of Barney Butter. Smooth almond butter and crunchy almond butter provide a classic flavor with different texture options. Cocoa+coconut features melted chocolate and luscious coconut oil for a richer, more indulgent experience. Barney Butter is excellent on its own, as a spread or dip for snacks, or in baking recipes. Check out all three in aisle 4!

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