Unflavored Liquid Chlorophyll


Sunny Green Liquid ChlorophyllSunny Green Liquid Chlorophyll

Let’s take it back to high school biology and talk about liquid chlorophyll. The amazing natural substance that is responsible for all the living things around us that are green! Often referred to as the “blood” of plants, they use the sun to form energy, then use it to purify the air and raise oxygen levels around them. Two very important jobs for both the planet and for us. With a wide array of potential health benefits, this formula helps support healthy cleansing and elimination so you can feel your best.

It’s all bursting with so many vitamins and minerals, hence, this is exactly why you should eat your greens… or drink them! Since it is the foundation of what makes and keeps plant life healthy, it can also create balanced body chemistry in people too.

You could eat several salads every day to consume enough leafy greens to really reap all the benefits of this green goodness. Alternatively, a concentrated liquid is a great way to get them quickly and easily. This unflavored liquid chlorophyll comes in a 16 oz bottle and can be mixed with water or other beverages to enjoy.


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