Vego Hazelnut Chocolate Bar


Enjoy Delicious Vegan Chocolate 

Vego Hazelnut Chocolate Bar is an award-winning vegan treat. It combines indulgent taste with a clear conscience. All products are organic and ethically sourced, as well as free from child labor, Fairtrade certified, and contain no palm oil. Find out why you should consider VEGO hazelnut chocolate bar for your next sweet treat.



VEGO Good Food GmbH is an independent business owned and founded by Jan Niklas Schmidt (Nik). Operating without outside influence has allowed the company to grow organically over the years and support sustainable practices.



When making chocolate treats, the entirely vegan company uses only natural ingredients of the highest organic quality. The hazelnut chocolate bar features hazelnut paste, cocoa butter, and ground vanilla for pure indulgence without added preservatives or artificial ingredients. Thankfully, omitted from the ingredients are palm and soy oil.


Social Engagement

Vego is passionate about its commitment to human rights, animal welfare, and environmental protection. In fact, the wrappers for the hazelnut chocolate bars are now made with compostable material. In addition, approx. 10% – of annual profits go to charitable organizations. Causes include animal rights, human rights, and environmental protection.


Give Vego a Try Today

VEGO’s hazelnut chocolate bar offers a delicious vegan chocolate experience that’s good for the planet too. With their commitment to natural ingredients of the highest quality and ethical sourcing practices, you can enjoy your sweet treat with a clear conscience. Why not indulge in some guilt-free joy today?

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May Contain

Allergy Note: It may contain traces of other nuts and milk.