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Vitamin K (menaquinone) supports bone-building and healthy arteries. Our menaquinone is an all-natural form of Vitamin K that is much more biologically active than the more common form, Vitamin K1 (phylloquinone). Mk-7 capsules are much in demand.

Vitamin K2 for Bones and Arteries

K2 increases the body’s formation of osteocalcin, which helps calcium bind to the bone matrix. The binding of calcium is critical to the growth and strength of bones. It also increases the formation of a protein (Matrix GLA – Protein) which regulates the amount of calcium present in arterial walls. This helps maintain the elasticity and overall health of arteries.

There are a few different menaquinones, such as menaquinone 4 and menaquinone 7. Menaquinone 7 is absorbed at a much higher rate than K1 and remains in the body 36 times longer (allowing it to move beyond the liver into other tissues); whereas K1 is primarily utilized by the liver to make blood clotting factors.

Does not contain salt, dairy, wheat, gluten, soy, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

Each vegetarian capsule provides 45 mcg of quality MenaquinGold™ Vitamin K2 (as menaquinone-7). This is also known as Vitamin MK-7.

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Adults take one (1) vegetarian capsule daily at mealtime, or as directed by a health care professional. Store in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.



Additional Ingredients

Capsules (cellulose, water), microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, and silica.

Does Not Contain

Salt, dairy, wheat, gluten, soy, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.


Keep out of reach of children.
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