Washable Produce Bags


reusable washable produce bagsReusable and Washable

Get washable reusable produce bags. Scan, carry home, and wash your produce right in the bag. At the market, put your fruits and vegetables into the reusable washable produce bags and scan at the checkout right in the bag! At home, safely refrigerate and wash produce still in the bag. Of course, you will want to reuse the bags over and over again. They’re made out of longlasting nylon so you won’t need to replace these anytime soon. Planet-friendly reusable bags are the way to go.

Reduce plastic waste and keep your veggies fresher for longer. Ethylene gas build-up is just won’t be an issue as the breathable netting allows air to circulate and helps keep produce fresher. Dirt and debris get washed away easily.

Package includes 5 washable produce bags in a variety of sizes with the addition of the packaging making a total of 6.

  • four 12 X 15″
  • one 8 X 12″
  • plus the package 6 X 7″





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6 bags